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Boys Only Tricks and Tumble

Riley has been part of our family for 10+ years!

Starting out in hip hop, Riley currently competes in Level 3 cheer team Royal Family where he is an asset in stunt and tumble. He has done it all from dance to tumble, in both our recreational and competitive settings


Riley also currently trains at Sydney’s prestigious Stunt Gym, mastering skills like parkour, wire work, high falls and fight training. Riley is extremely passionate about this past-time and his love for it is infectious! He is looking forward to bringing his knowledge to his students in a fun and interesting way using the Bradshaw gym and equipment.


A valued Bradshaw family member, Riley is a genuinely caring person and he always sets a wonderful example to our younger students. He upholds our values and standard not just on the stage, but in every day life. We know Riley will be a great mentor to our boys class. 


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