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What is Cheerleading? 

TUMBLING like gymnastics, exciting performances like dance, but with stunting seen in America (think netflix docu-series "Cheer")  and all the benefits of a true team SPORT. In fact, Cheerleading is the fastest growing sport in Australia, and has recently been recognised by the Olympics! Loved by both males and females for its fast-paced and action packed challenges, cheer requires strength, stamina, agility, flexibility and team work!
If you love to work with others, want to compete in a high energy environment or want to improve your physical health, cheer is the sport for you!!  

Our fully credentialed coaches teach a combination of stunting (lifting and tossing team members into the air) and tumbling/acrobatics. Our athletes' fitness and strength has improved tremendously since introducing our cheer program and they love the excitement of the sport.
No matter what age or level of fitness you are, we have a team for you.

Our recreational cheer teams are for those looking for FUN and the opportunity to make new friends and gain new skills. These students perform at our end of year concert without the pressure of competing!! Perfect for beginners of all ages! 

We also offer highly competitive teams in ALL age divisions, who compete in All Star events across the country. Bradshaw currently hold multiple State and National Cheerleading titles and have competed around the country. Contact us today to arrange your free trial class!

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