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Alexia Wade

Student Coach

A crowd favourite on stage, Lexi's vibrant energy makes her a much loved role model for the younger students at Bradshaw. Miss Lexi is a World Champion dancer as well as a skilled tumbler and brings energy, humour and undeniable passion to every class.

Miss Lexi was one of the youngest dancers to receive the honour of representing Australia in the hip hop doubles division. This routine was undefeated around Australia and was highest scoring double in COP Brands, Mexico.


In 2023 Miss Lexi will represent Australia on our country's first ever National Hip Hop team! An incredible achievement to be selected for this history-making team.

Lexi has trained at Bradshaw from a very young age and has accumulated years of experience. Miss Lexi has had the honour of dancing under the Olympic Rings as Team Australia, and other achievements include competing at the Global Cheer and Dance Games in Hawaii, and the 2021 Virtual World Championship where Bradshaw Elite were awarded a Bronze and Gold medal. Her experience, combined with her passion and eagerness to help our students improve makes her a wonderful student coach.

We are looking forward to seeing more of Miss Lexi assisting this year!

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