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Studio Principal, Artistic Director & Head Coach

Coralie Bradshaw is celebrating 45 years of leading this internstionally renowned studio.

She trained extensively in RAD Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Contemporary dance techniques and started her professional career with J C Williamson in the musical Gypsy as a dancer and singer, and enjoyed performing and touring Australia and overseas for many years in numerous roles and productions.

Coralie has choreographed many award winning productions from theatre to club shows and corporate functions throughout Sydney and at the Sydney Opera House and Darling Harbour.

Graduates who trained under Coralie are currently performing all over the world, including the USA, London, and Japan, as well as current Australian national tours. She has a very high success rate both in the competitive dance industry and in the professional dance/Musical Theatre industry.


Coralie was proud to be Head Coach to the Team Australia Dance Team at the 2011, 2012  2013 and 2015 Dance Worlds. Under her guidance, Bradshaw represented Australia with unprecedented success. Bradshaw are the FIRST and ONLY Dance Medalists for Australia, with a total of TWO SILVER medals and FOUR BRONZE Medals across ICU and Dance Worlds. Coralie’s years of experience are unmatched and have lead Australia and the Bradshaw Elite team to victory. Every resident staff member of Bradshaw has been trained extensively by Coralie and her high teaching standard is maintained through her staff. She continues to choreograph award winning Jazz routines including National and international title winners, and oversees all aspects of coaching and choreography within the studio.


Coralie is an accredited cheer coach, and is also an experienced and much sought after dance Judge. She has judged dance for many different event providers all over Australia.

Bradshaw athletes are known for their skill on the dance floor, but also for their professionalism, fairness and sportsmanship. These are qualities Coralie has been instilling in her students for over 40 years.

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