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Cheer: Accredited IASF Coach, Dance, Pom Choreography

We are very lucky here at Bradshaw to have Australia's leading Pom coach and choreographer working with our athletes.

Gezelle's Open Pom routine are National Champions and are internationally recognised, having won first place at both Daytona NDA International Championships (USA) and the HKCU Asia Pacifics (Hong Kong), and the BRONZE Medal at Dance Worlds 2013. Her amazing double were also awarded BRONZE at the 2015 International Cheer Union World Championships - making Bradshaw the first Australians to medal in the world’s most prestigious Pom division.

Pom is an exciting form of dance which is rapidly growing in popularity across Australia. She coaches every age group and ALL Bradshaw teams are National Champions in Pom.
While she also coaches across all styles of dance, Miss Gezelle is at the forefront of Pom choreography and brings energy and fun to her younger student's classes along with a wealth of knowledge. Her hands-on approach makes her popular with our younger students, and instills in them a sense of team spirit and sportsmanship - a vital part of the sport.


Gezelle is also our Head Cheer coach. Coming from a competitive gymnastic background she now coaches all age groups of cheerleading, both recreational and competitive and is fully accredited. Our cheer program is very successful and growing fast thanks to Miss Gezelle's fun classes and her amazing high energy routines. She shares a passion for the sport with her athletes. She is a hands on coach and our students gain amazing new tumbling skills week to week under her guidance.

In 2016 Gezelle was cheer/stunt choreographer for BRING IT ON: THE MUSICAL on the Gold Coast. With her choreography in high demand, Gezelle has also choreographed Pom for multiple Australian teams venturing to Worlds.

Gezelle is a professional dancer, singer and actor, having trained at Bradshaw Dancers from the age of 2. Gezelle holds the title of Australian Theatredance Champion and has competed internationally with the Bradshaw Dancers. She is a talented singer, and has performed in variety shows across Sydney and the Gold Coast, and in the USA.

For over a decade, Gezelle also worked in film and television. She has performed in Home and Away, All Saints, Water Rats and several feature films including Soft Fruits, Paws with Billy Connelly, and Hildegarde alongside Richard E Grant.

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