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The Hawksbury's pre-school movement specialists ~ for 45 years!

 Let's Get Moving  is our specially designed preschool combo class for both boys and girls.

It is a specially tailored program for new little dancers  who want to have fun! Little movers learn Ballet and  Jazz, develop their focus, memories, coordination,  fine motor skills and so much more!


Inclusion – Every child receives individual attention at Let’s Get Moving and are taught to work together.

Everyone is special and we are all involved in every dance, game, and activity.

Positivity – We believe in positive reinforcement at Let’s Get Moving. Our qualified staff provide a happy and safe

environment for every little star to have fun with their friends and feel free to express themselves.


Fitness – This class is 30min of, you guessed it, MOVING! Our engaging activities create body awareness in our little dancers.

They develops balance, coordination, strength and stamina! All our Little Movers understand how great it is to be active,

healthy and strong!


Memory and Focus – At our end of year performance you will see just how much these little stars can remember!

Each week we learn a new move and use games and challenges to engage little minds. We work to increase their focus

and stimulate memory.


Confidence – Our nurturing teachers pride themselves on bringing out the best in each student. We understand that every

child is unique and develops at his or her own rate. We love seeing the big difference that just 12 months of dance can make!

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