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World Champions!

Congratulations to our incredible Bradshaw Elite dancers on their success at the 2021
Virtual Dance Worlds. 

After winning the opportunity to compete back in 2019 at the Asia Pacific Grand Internationals, this team has stayed strong through lock downs, online and quarantined training, even Worlds being cancelled and their dream of traveling to America lost. It has been a very up and down road full of obstacles, but through passion, determination and team spirit Bradshaw Elite stayed focused. When Worlds went virtual in 2021 to allow athletes around the globe something to work towards, our girls were as determined as ever to be part of it.  


Bradshaw was also named Team Australia for Jazz, Pom,
Hip Hop and doubles, for the ICU Worlds
(also virtual) which is the governing body for the

sport as it is recognised by the IOC. Even filming
for this event during a strict lockdown was a huge challenge,
and something we weren't sure we could pull off! But watching the live stream weeks later and seeing our girls among the first
to dance under the Olympic Rings, streamed on the Olympic Channel! It doesn't get much better than that.

Bradshaw are proud to have made history for Australia, being not only the first Australian team to bring a medal home for our country in 2011, but we also hold the most medals by any Aussie team in history, with 2021 seeing us awarded our 9th medal.

Our most recent success, along with the past 10 years of forging a reputation for both Bradshaw and Australia, is the result of many years of passion, consistency, and a commitment to growth. Our coaching staff has stayed consistent for a decade, continuing to push forward and improve as coaches and choreographers.  The captains of our team have been with us throughout this journey too, with much of our current team made of lifelong Bradshaw dancers who have dreamed of competing at Worlds since they were little.



While we were unable to give these dancers the full experience of competing in Florida in the true Worlds atmosphere, these medals (Gold for Hip Hop and Bronze for jazz) are our most meaningful. They symbolise not winning a division or beating other teams, but rather, what you can achieve when you don't give up - no matter the obstacles!

Our team is made up of dancers of all ages, but all exemplify the Bradshaw culture of determination. Each of them is strong as an individual, but when they come together as a true team they are unstoppable.

CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS! Your coaches are so proud!

Video below: Our Worlds Journey.


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