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Maddison Malkoun

Student Coach

Maddison Malkoun has a long list of accolades, including countless First placings at National and International level (Asia Pacific, Hawaii, Mexico) and has now added the title of World Champion to that list.

A credit to her dedication and work ethic, Miss Maddie has won a Bronze and Gold medal at Worlds with her team, and was also selected as Team Australia in the Hip Hop Doubles category alongside her duo partner Miss Lexi. This has definitely put her into the international spotlight, and is an incredible honour for such a young athlete - although, anyone who has seen Miss Maddie perform will understand why she was selected to represent the country!

Growing up training right here at Bradshaw, Miss Maddie embodies our core values and is a wonderful mentor to her young students - who all admire her greatly. Her work ethic and passion sets an excellent example and she brings her love of our sport into every class. We know many of our young students aspire to be like Miss Maddie!


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