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Natasha Vaughn

Classical Ballet - Cecchetti Method

We are thrilled to have Natasha on our staff as our Cecchetti Ballet teacher.

She has had over 20 years teaching experience at many dance academies across Sydney and has achieved RAD: Advanced 2, Solo Seal and Advanced 1. Cecchetti: Advanced 2.

Natasha also holds her Bachelor of Arts (Dance Major) and has her Associate Teachers Certificate, Cecchetti Society with Honours A.C.B.A-C.I.C.B.

Natasha has studied under some of the biggest names in the ballet industry and has also trained many young artists who are now performing in ballet companies and productions all over the world.

She has also been on the performing side of the industry, in shows like 42nd St and has even made acting appearances on Channel 7's Home and Away.

We are so thrilled to have Natasha's ballet and dance expertise in our studio, working alongside the rest of our faculty to ensure the utmost care is taken to correctly develop each individual child's dance technique. Natasha is a wonderful teacher, her love of ballet is infectious as our students can testify! 

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