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Assistant Dance Coach - All styles 

Part of our commitment to excellence at Bradshaw, we are proud that ALL our resident staff are Bradshaw graduates and lifetime members. 

Frances has been training with us for over 10 years and understands the level of excellence that sets Bradshaw apart. 

In 2018 Frances was awarded International Female Athlete of the Year by the ICU (International Cheer Union). Frances is the first and only Australian to win this hugely prestigious award, and is so honoured to have been nominated against the best athletes in both dance and cheer, from over 100 countries! The award recognises her vast International achievements, as well as her contribution to the industry on a community and National level.

Extending herself into the professional industry, Frances was cast in the 2016 Australian production of Bring It On: The Musical. Her versatility as a performer was showcased as part of the ensemble where she performed as a singer, dancer, actor and a cheerleader. 

Currently dancing on Bradshaw Elite, Frances is a multiple National Champion and along with her team has been internationally awarded - taking out 1st place titles at The Asia Pacific Grand Internationals, HKCU Hong Kong, CCA China, NDA Daytona (USA), Aussie Gold Championships and World Cup Cheer and Dance Nationals. 

Frances is a 4x World Bronze Medalist and is one of the primary dancers who has helped Bradshaw Elite reach its international success. These accolades are the result of her dedicated and hard working approach to every class. 

She sets the bar very high in class and we are so proud to see our younger students striving and pushing themselves as a result of Frances' example. 

Miss Frances assists with all age groups in a variety of styles and is very well loved by all her students. She is a very well-recognised dancer across Australia and is known for her expressive style and stage presence. 

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